Please note that the following only applies to non-NDC users (e.g. externals). Staff and SC members can access the system directly by using their EDU accounts

Getting access to the CDS

Access to the system from non-resident users is currently only available by contacting our PAO Office.

Public Events on the CDS

Occasionally, the NDC will broadcast public feeds which are available to everybody and without registration. These feeds are available on the CORPORATE page by navigating the top menu.

The CDS content

Content is subdivided into the following two categories:

Archive - Video On Demand (or VOD): it is digital footage that was archived and is now available for browsing to registered users. The archive also contains audio recordings from the former AVARC system along with all the support file(s) that were part of the presentation.

Live - Live feeds from our conference rooms: refers to the LIVE service that can be accessed by selected users after being issued with the proper access level membership. Live feeds are not always viewable to external users but they can be freely accessed by the NDC permanent Staff.