So you want to get access to the system and this is good! The registration process its a straight-forward and simple process which will only take ten (or less) minutes to complete.

Accounts are of three kinds:

Unlimited access which is granted to permanent staff only and is not subjected to any expiration. For this specific account category, A REGISTRATION IS NOT REQUIRED as the CDS system is capable of differentiating between internal and external users. If you are part of the NDC Staff, use your public account to access the CDS. If you don't have one or don't remember your public account details, get in touch with the CIS section and they will help you out.

Three-months access account granted to external users only. The membership will expire in three-months time. Access to the CDS after the expiration date, implies issuing a new membership and, therefore, a new request should be submitted.

Event-based account required for viewing ad-hoc and specific events held at the College. This membership is published when an important event is scheduled. Normally the 1-day-membership is published well in advance so that users can get access to the feed in time.

Public feeds don't require a registration and can be viewed by anyone by accessing the CORPORATE menu page.

Logging in and out the system

From the homepage, click on the "Login" blue button (far right): a pop-up window will appear. After filling-in all the required information, click on the "LOGIN" button and follow the system information in order to be automatically redirected to the CDS home page. You will understand that the system let you in, by the login button color change from light blue to red.

To log out, you can click on the "Log out -your username-" red button: a pop-up will allow you to LOG OFF.

Subscription request form

Temporary staff or external users are required to subscribe prior getting access to the system. Access to the CDS is regulated by NDC internal procedures so it will require validation. Temporary staff may ask for support by visiting the Library.

By clicking on the "New Users" blue button (main menu), you will be directed to a general information collection form. This is necessary to determine if your membership can be issued or not. Even if this website only contains public documents, we require to understand who you are before any further step. After submitting the form, you will be offered the possibility to get to the subscription selection page: a table of available memberships will be displayed. Select the one you are interested in, press the "Subscribe" green button and duly fill all the fields (starred "*" ones, cannot be left blank) and then click on the below "Next" green button. A summary of your registration will be displayed. NOTE that all the memberships are FREE unless further information notice! By pressing "Subscribe" an email will be sent to your email address for confirmation. Please open up your email box and click on the provided link so to allow submitting your membership request. IMPORTANT: if you fail in confirming your email address, you'll never be issued a membership. This is because the administrators will only process authenticated requests. If everything is fine with your registration, admins will soon activate your account (you will receive notification about your successful account activation).

As mentioned, subscriptions from non-staff members are set for deletion after 90 days.